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First the Hessian Founders Award, then WirtschaftsWoche and Deutsche Telekom awarded Helm & Nagel for OCR & AI innovations.

The story behind the company Helm & Nagel GmbH

A look into the future in 2022

The field of Natural Language Processing is a gigantic growth market. The Konfuzio platform provides a unique platform to process text data and to train NLP models. Helm & Nagel GmbH is expanding partnerships.


Large customers actively approach Helm & Nagel GmbH and replace old OCR or input management software. The ROI by Natural Language Processing allows noticeable success among customers. Combined NLP and computer vision is setting new standards in document processing. Microsoft becomes a sales partner.


In 2020, first the Hessian Founders Award, then WirtschaftsWoche and Deutsche Telekom awarded Helm & Nagel GmbH for their groundbreaking OCR & AI innovations in the area of “Digital Processes & Organization”. Back then their AI Software is already known in the German-speaking insurance industry as the smartest input management solution.


The company’s team is professionalizing in the development of AI software. The AI software Konfuzio is created available to selected clients in the insurance industry. Expecially this industry is know for the long lasting input management history, until now those are rule-based systems for processing documents and e-mails. In 2019 the AI from Konfuzio is already smart enough that rules which have been defined manually before are now learned by the AI.


The company is investing extensively in professionalizing the development of AI software. The principles of traditional software development are not sufficient to software that learns and thus changes after it has been developed via active learning.


In the context of various customer projects, the company’s team identifies diverse use cases where AI software can offer comprehensive added value. Due to the team’s technical background in quantitative finance and risk controlling, the team is primarily looking for AI use cases in insurance companies and banks. Their aim is to put the role of AI as an enabler in order to add harmonious AI support to the core functions of existing customers.


The company is founded with Mr. Helm and Mr. Nagel as name givers.


In this year the Frankfurter Allgemein Zeitung reports about the trio for the first time. In the article “A night with the nerds” Jonas Jansen reports about the team.


Mr. Zyprian, Mr. Nagel and Mr. Helm meet for the first time. The joy of the competitive implementation of IT connects them. Winning programming competitions were their first customers acquistion strategy. Programming competitions of Audi, Microsoft, Atos, Siemens, SAP and the Bankathon are won.


The VBA courses and MS Excel trainings have become popular in the German market. Christopher Helm now offers specialized courses for investment banking and other Excel power users.


Mr. Helm uploads his first video to YouTube and explains in it how to use the Yahoo Finance API, which was still working at that time, to insert quote data into Excel via VBA.

The management of Helm & Nagel GmbH

Chrisotpher Helm

Commercial Manager

As an digital native of the InsurTech and FinTech scene Christopher Helm has been leading the AI & OCR hidden champion since 2016. Christopher studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim and Quantitative Methods at the Technical University of Munich and developed the “AI Triangle” for continuous project management of artificial intelligences. Feel free to conntect via LinkedIn.

Florian Zyprian

Technical Director

As an IT expert, Florian Zyprian is responsible for the development and maintenance according to Technical Organizational Measures. As a contact person for security, he focuses his team both in the creation of the software as well as in the processing of data on the highest standards. Checking for the latest security gaps in the company’s own processes and software led to the fact that his team was also able to identify security vulnerabilities of other companies. This approach has already enabled him to point out improvements to various DAX companies. Feel free to conntect via LinkedIn.


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